Community Service Programs

Arts and Culture CSP encourages members to promote and support art and cultural programs in their clubs and communities, and to expand understanding on every level, from local and regional to national and international.

Civic Engagement and Outreach CSP reminds members that each of us is a part of a larger society and is responsible for undertaking actions that will create a better quality of life and foster a sense of community—locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. It focuses on citizenship, military personnel, emergency, the needy, hungry, and homeless, disaster preparedness, safety awareness, and crime prevention.

Education and Libraries CSP and ESO projects are designed to foster schools, as well as other educational institutions and opportunities, and to promote libraries, literacy, and the love of a good book. Through these efforts, we encourage the growth of individuals and communities at home and around the world.

Environment CSP encourages members to become stewards of the earth by working to preserve the world’s resources, protect wildlife and domesticated animals, live sustainably, and beautify our communities and enjoy nature.

Health and Wellness CSP aims to explore the various opportunities for awareness and advancement of nutritious food, continued well-being, and physical and emotional care.

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